Advice from a PR Professional

gingerThis post is in regards to an informational interview with Ginger Liem. I chose her because of her knowledge and skills in public relations management and her accessibility and approachability. She works with Levi Strauss & Co. in the public relations department. She is a graduate of the University of Oregon. Ginger has a wealth of knowledge and skills in public relations management despite her young age. “This job gives me exciting opportunities to apply my skills in the dispensation of public relations duties with diligence and integrity,” she explained.

Ginger’s day at work involves the performance of public relations duties that are instrumental in voicing the apparel industry to Chinese government official and the market. The company’s public policy includes trade, worker rights, environment and associations inside and outside the company. Accordingly, she does variety of communication through different types of mails. She attends high-profile meetings. She assists in the process of planning, development and implementation of the company’s public relations strategies. Ginger also actively participates in commissioning market research to find out the current trends in the market for the success of the company. Her other duties include preparation and production of publicity brochures, direct mail leaflets, handouts, promotional videos and multimedia programs.

Gratifying moments

Ginger explains that she feels a sense of fulfillment and gratification when she successfully participates in public events where she receives positive feedback for the company. She feels happy when the company, through her department, achieves the values of empathy, originality, integrity and courage.

Challenging Moments

Challenging moments for Ginger occur where the department is anticipating a potential crisis. During such times, she has to handle pressure and ensure that the crisis does not occur. “In the event of an occurrence of crisis, I take it positively and try to be tactful as much as possible to mitigate the crisis,” she explained.

Advice from Ginger

Ginger has the following pieces of advice to those who aspire to work in the field of public relations:

  • She advises that, as a public relations student, one must adopt and maintain a positive attitude at all times. This is because public relations professionals are the faces of their companies to the outside world. They must also have good communication and interpersonal skills to promote their company.
  • She also advises that public relations officers, real and potential, must be strategic global thinkers in order to visualize solutions to the problems in the field. Managers must solve problems creatively.
  • Ginger favors the constant and continuous updating of skills and knowledge for those who aspire to become future public relations officers. The world is changing due to globalization, and only those who change with the changes will remain relevant.
  • In providing the advice, Ginger asks the aspiring public relations officers to be proactive in the field, and become reliable information providers. People will always seek information from the public relations department. The department must be ready with this information in its right format at all times.
  • She also advises the upcoming managers to be good at managing crisis situations because they will arise. If the situation is not handled correctly the public relations department, the whole company is at a risk of a compromised reputation.

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